Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh, for a lobotomy

Or one of those little zappy guns used in  the MIB movies to make people forget what just happened. Yeah, that would be prefect.  A close encounter with Will Smith would not hurt either.

I want to forget that I just had an IUI. I really, really effin do. So I can get through the next 10 days, doing my job, concentrating on LIFE, without constantly patting/excavating (TMI much?) my lady parts to try to figure if I have any goddamn 'pregnancy' symptoms.

I'm only at 2 DPO. The next 8-9 days are going to be a slow moving hell, if yesterday and today and any indications. This mental (and physical) hand wringing of Am I / Am'nt I is exhausting.
Recap: This IUI, like my first 2, was difficult. The one before this (which resulted in a BFN) had been suspiciously easy.  I would be a terrible candidate fr a newbie to practice on, apparently, but the stuff got where it was supposed to go, and stayed there, or so I was told. I was pissed off that this clinic does not hand out oral antibiotics after the deed (both my San Diego practices did)- I'd appreciate it if you guys weigh in on whether yours do. This practice has both pros and cons, but I'd like to know what the norm is.

The evening of the IUI itself, the usual sore chest symptoms started. I had cramping, indicative of an ovulation, that night (this is normal, I always have distinctive cramping the night of the day of ovulation) and the next morning too, though the latter is something I've noted only when I've had IUIs. I wonder if its the presence of the swimmers itself that can do it.

My temperature had increased the next morning, progesterone is obviously around.  Anyhow, the sore and tingling boobs symptom is in full swing (and is very high on the magnitude scale), but this in itself means nothing- I have this many, many cycles, and is just indicative of luteal phase progesterone being high. I was desperately hoping for great big gobs of EWCM ( I had this both the cycles where I did get knocked up, this is very usual and distinctive thing, never observed in my non-pregnant luteal phases, and jibes with the literature showing that estrogen is much higher in pregnant vs non-pregnant cycles), but, sadly no dice yet, other than a tiny smidgen of something resembling the estrogen induced slime when  I woke up this morning. This makes me think that its not worked, but of course, I could be wrong. I hope I am.

Yeah, the next 8-10 days are going to be utter hell. I can deal with a BFN, but the anticipation of one, and the fervent hope for a BFP, is much harder to deal with.  So, if anybody knows a way to induce selective memory loss (without hitting me on the head), holler!


  1. No good suggestions for how to get through the next 2 weeks, but I hope that you're wrong.  Perhaps have a fun fling that you can throw yourself into before you head to India?  Hoping for good things for you.

  2. Zap!! Did it work? Did I make you forget you're in the 2WW? No? Sorry, I tried ;) Hoping the next 8-10 days miraculously fly by & result in a BFP

  3. Ugh - the two week wait is the WORST!!!  I hope you get through it easily - distraction, that is the only key!!!

    My clinic doesn't do antibiotics for IUI's, only for IVF's.

  4. the 2ww is THE WORST! and hoping for a BFP is harder than the disappointment of the BFN.

    no good suggestions, just commiseration.

    i only did IVF (and at home ICI) and never took antibiotics for any of them.

  5. Good luck, Jay!  May the 2ww fly by and result in a BFP.  FWIW, I never had antibiotics with IUIs, only with HSG/sono HSG/hysteroscopy.  I also never had any noticeable EWCM with any of my IUIs, including the successful one.

  6. My RE didn't hang out antibiotics - just the Rx that I had to go to Target to fill for $10 or whatever. Annoying, yes, but fairly common I've heard. 

    Also, on our BFP IUI cycle, I had no EWCM (fairly typical for me). Just fyi!

  7. Lots of good luck Jay! I know how you feel. 

  8. Fingers crossed for you! My clinic did not prescribe antibiotics for IUIs. Never heard of that before. Also have no recollection of whether or not I had egg whites on my successful IUI. I'm hoping this is it!