Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I never usually get sick, especially since starting the vitamin D, the bugs that fell almost everybody else around me to seems to skim me by, or leave me with a much milder version of what everybody else has. Well, yesterday that changed. I was stupid and spent 4 hours taking pictures on a microcope- its painful stuff, you stay on your feet, adrenalin keeps you going, and the next thing you know, hours have flown by and you are just physically wiped out.  I walk out of there and  realize I have this seriously painful throat. ACK.. Take the combination of momentary stress, a day before spent with an enchanting 3 year old (they may be awesome, but they are also germ factories, given that they hang out with a bunch of other kids with relatively fledgeling immune systems), and a possible immune suppression because of pregnancy in the throes of establishment (oh please let it be so), and you have the makings for a nasty viral infection. I came home at noon today and slept all day, was frightened by a really strong neckache (please let it not be the flu), and still feel shaky, but thankfully, there is no fever yet.

I also had accupuncture this morning (where I was told my pulse was 'strong' indicating I'm really healthy, and have signs of high progesterone based on how sensitive some of my points were). I was curious as to where the points needled wold be----all in my forearms/feet, plus one in my forehead, aimed to increase bloodflow to my uterus to provide a really oxygen rich, vascularized atmosphere. If I am going to turn up pregnant, something like this could conceivably help a little in say, reducing risks of preeclampsia , given that one of the underlying causes of preeclampsia is poor placentation really early on.  This website was an interesting read in  this matter.

What made me happy today: about an hour of really sustained, strong menstruation-like cramps in the afternoon. I remember cramping like this from the cycles that I did get knocked up, its not usually ever there in my non pregnant cycles.

I pray that, no matter what happens, I can save myself a lot of grief/angst by not testing till atleast 10 DPO. Based on past experience, I got my BFPs  (super faint) in the evening of this day, though in the morning it was still negative. Right now, I'm just hoping I wont be sobbing into a pillow come Friday evening. It would be infinitely smarter to wait till Saturday to test, but I don't have the discipline for that. 


  1. Oh I have everything crossed for you! And you can sooo make it till Saturday to test. Go see a movie Friday night or have dinner with friends. Anything to distract yourself! 

  2. That sucks that you're not feeling well!  I'm really hoping that you have a wonderful weekend with great news!!!

  3. Sorry you're not feeling well. I sure hope you get your BFP, can't wait to hear after you POAS

  4. The cramping is a great sign!! Fingers and toes crossed for you, Jay. 

    (And, yeah, I could never prevent myself from testing. Always admired that will power in others. Never possessed it myself).