Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In which science makes me feel better

The first thing I did after getting my results back, was google vitamin D and beta (HCG). Unfortunately I used Google Scholar, which pulled up irrelevant papers(with the most citations first). Today, I used pubmed, and I found something that makes me feel a 100 times better- it was exactly what I was looking for.

Its this study, which basically shows that increasing concentrations of vitamin D directly downregulate Beta-HCG expression over long periods (24 hours) of exposure in cultured human placental trophoblasts.  More the vitamin D, more the inhibition. Interestingly, what the article also quotes is a study which shows that HCG is higher in women with pre-eclampsia, and of course such women tend to have lower blood vitamin D levels.

I know vitamin D is a hormone with a finger in about 3000 + pies, I'm glad to see that it may be in play here, whatever biological weirdness ensures, I can blame it on the increased D and feel better.

Because, right now, that is the bottom line-- I need to feel ok. By whatever means possible. This pregnancy will go however it is destined to go, but right now, I just want MY head not to be messed up.  My cousin is coming down this weekend, I want to be able to run around town with her, just be happy. Please, Universe, if that is not too much to ask for.

Off for repeat beta in around an hour. Lets hope I get the results today, and that it shows doubling.


  1. I'm a nursing student, I know in my 30's but I love the paper you found, I actually try not to  Dr Google everything but I find myself tempted I like to use things from JAMA or .gov sites. I at least I can see a trail of research. That explains lot, I take plenty of D, but as most Mainer's I'm slightly deficient. Lack of Sun here and so I take supplements.
    Good Luck!

  2. Great news! It's just like you suspected, but I'm really glad you got confirmation that higher D = lower hcg.
    Will be awating your second beta eagerly. Feeling very positive about it.  

  3. Jay, I hope that you get great numbers today!

    In all of your research, do you continue Vitamin D supplimentation after you've confirmed pregnancy, or given the suppression mechanism that the paper alludes to, do you begin to wean yourself?  Just wondering what you're doing.  Hope that you get great news and have fun with your cousin!

  4. Goooooooooooo doubling betas!!! Go!!

  5. You continue to impress me with your scientific knowledge and searching.  Fingers crossed for awesome beta!!!

  6. No, I'll be continuing with the Vitamin D. If the suppression is actually true and is happening in the body and not in laboratory conditions, it means it goes on in healthy pregnancies in women with good/adequate Vitamin D levels. So its not a bad thing in itself at all.

    Vitamin D is enormously important (on multiple fronts) in the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy, as could play a potentially significant role in determining the health of the developing child as well.

    So I'll definately keep it on.  At the end of the day, the HCG is just a number. As long as it rises normally, there is no cause to question anything. I was only so scared because I could not think of any good reason for it to lower than the previous two times before this, other than an abnormal pregnancy.

  7. Hoping & praying for a doubling beta for you!!