Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the fear is back (beta # 1)

I just heard from the nurse
Estrogen = 274
Beta = 71
Progesterone = 25.7

These are 13 DPO values. While both (progesterone and beta) both fall bang in the middle of the normal range, they are WAY lower than my other 2 pregnancies.

Last time: second pregnancy :15 DPO
beta = 457
Progesterone = 45

I also managed to dig up the values for my first pregnancy : 11 DPO
Beta = 50
Progesterone = 36

So, I'm not feeling good at all. All 3 pregnancies, based on when I got the first positive  pregnancy test (-ve in the morning of 10 DPO, positive by afternoon), implanted at the same time. Nonetheless, the beta values (and the progesterone too) for this round are significantly lower than the last 2 times. I'm going to ask for progesterone suppositories and pray that is not a terrible idea, because the last thing one wants to do, is encourage an ectopic or a pregnancy doomed by dragging it out.

If anybody feels like I'm being an idiot (I very well may be, given that these values are considered normal), feel free to point that out.


  1. I have heard of many women that have high betas and have a healthy baby and their next pregnancy has low betas and results in another healthy baby. What matters is that it is positive. Your beta is positive and that, dear, is reason for celebration. Hang in there and be patient with your little embryo, he or she is still gearing up. xoxo

  2. Deep breaths. Perhaps the numbers being different than your last two pregnancies is a good thing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the case. If it helps you feel better my progesterone was 26 at 11dpo and my RE isn't having me supplement.

  3. Those are very normal values!!!  I am sending you wishes for calmness.  I know, this is so hard.  But you're pregnant, my dear!  Every pregnancy is different.  Every woman has different levels of hormones.  Sending you peace and love...

  4. That is a GREAT number for 13DPO.  And yes, every pregnancy is different.  Keep saying those 2 things to yourself over and over.  Seriously, great first number!  Hang in there, Mama.

  5. I don't quite see how they are comparable, either, since these were on 13 dpo and the other was on 15 dpo?  They sound normal to me!  Sending good thoughts.

  6. I know how hard it is not to compare betas, but I honestly think the number is smack where you want it to be (not too low, not too high...which can actually also be an indicator that something is wrong). You're on track for exactly the day 14 beta they're looking for. In terms of the progesterone, my opinion about the suppositories is that they can't hurt, and if they'll give you peace of mind then they're well worth it. 

    Hang in there, Jay. I wouldn't blow false sunshine in your direction. But right now, based on those numbers, I don't think there is reason to worry. xo xo 

  7. Of course you are worried about it. That's the nature of this exercise.
    But let's look at the facts: this is still very early in the game and your beta indicates a pregnancy, and your estrogen and progesterone levels are good. Will you get the beta done again in 2 days? I feel like the number matters more in terms of threshold and doubling, rather than absolute value. I don't think you need to worry at this point (easier said than done - I know).

  8. You cannot compare pregnancy to pregnancy - just b/c both occurred in your body, it doesn't mean the embryo implanted on the same day, which you KNOW will greatly affect the initial beta levels. Hang in there Jay!

  9. Those numbers look fine to me. My progesterone, on supplements, was usually around 25. 

    Worrying is natural, but I wouldn't worry about the numbers. :) One day at a time!

  10. According to the beta database, your 13 DPO beta number is actually slightly above average (http://www.betabase.info/showDailyData.php?type=basic&multiples=Single&dpo=13) so your numbers are fine!  As you know, it's the doubling time of the beta numbers that are definitive, but you are off to a strong start!

  11. Normal normal.  And I would encourage you to see deviation from prior pregnancies as not necessarily a bad thing at all.  On the contrary, it could be a good thing, all things considered.  Congrats!

  12. RebeccaR (Which Way to Baby)June 27, 2012 at 3:30 AM

    Your numbers look good. The thing I've learned about numbers, at least at this point in the process, is that they're worth about as much as the paper they're printed on. They can be average or even poor and things can end with the best possible outcome, and they can be great numbers yet end in a heartbreaking outcome.  

    Even if you don't wind up with a number that completely doubles in 48 hours, try not to worry. With my last pregnancy, beta #2 (drawn exactly 48 hours, not 47, not 49, but 48 after the first one) only rose 86%. I was heartbroken and spent a day on the couch with a kleenex box, and yet those betas turned into the miracle that is Miss A.

    Thinking good thoughts and really, really, really hoping this is the one that sticks for you.

  13. First off, congrats!  Those numbers look just fine to me.  I say that as someone with betas all over the board; fwiw, my two successful pregnancies were (1) betas higher than average for twins [with a singleton] and (2) betas that were lower than average and failed to double appropriately [vanishing twin].   Some folks attribute lower betas to males; that would certainly be true in my case.

    Personally, I'd read DIFFERENT than your other pregnancies as a good thing.

  14. Your numbers all look GREAT!! With my twins, my beta was 117 at 13dpo, so I would say that yours is perfect for a singleton.  Its the doubling that is the most important, but you already know that :)

  15. I don't think you're being an idiot at all...sending you positive thoughts & keeping hope in my heart for you.