Saturday, July 7, 2012

The plan (for now)

I always marveled at anybody who can bang out a post or more per day, I could never find that much to say. Well, get pregnant after multiple losses, win a trip to the land of neuroses and you can find plenty to say. I'm so glad I have this outlet, it keeps me from appearing insane in real life.

After reading my post below (or rather the update), my friend IRL bawled me out,well basically for acting crazy. Getting nervous that shoulder pain mean a ruptured fallopian tube, if you have no other symptom of an ectopic is NOT rational in the slightest. If you google 'shoulder pain in early pregnancy' comfortingly, I found many women shared the same neuroses. Its nice to have company in cray-cray land.

It was also surprising to find out that the tubes rupture as early as 6 weeks in an ectopic pregnancy. Few women have ultrasounds to confirm uterine pregnancies by then, and the majority of pregnant women never check doubling betas or progesterone. A ruptured tube in an ectopic pregnancy is often fatal or life threatening, so why wait till 8 weeks to see a pregnant woman for the first time, as is the norm? I guess the thing is, most women do have symptoms of spotting or pain at least,which hopefully gets them to a doctor in time. There are a few unlucky ones who don't have these symptoms (a few ectopic pregnancies are reported to be absolutely symptom free, but hopefully some anomaly atleast shows up in the beta levels or the progesterone values), but still, as few in the population check these, and can often be oblivious to the fact that they are even pregnant, that is moving into dangerous territory.

It is mind boggling to me that many in the population are clueless--there was this article recently about women who go through the entire pregnancy without even realizing they are pregnant. Apparently, there are quite a few of these kinds of people. A friend of mine was telling me about somebody in her family who thought she was having food poisoning, they show up at the hospital, and voila, she is in labor with a  baby on the way. That poor child was born with cerebral palsy though- her mother's diet was supposedly awful and no prenatal folic acid was consumed. I asked my friend if her relative (the mother) felt guilty, but my friend replied that she probably has not even made the connection that one was responsible for the other yet. Facepalm moments, all of these.

Anyway, going off the topic of ectopic pregnancies and happy (moronic) oblivion, I spoke to another nurse in my RE's practice, and she said something different from the first person I talked to- I can come in anytime in the week, not merely on a Monday when my RE is around. So right now, the plan is to go in on 6w2d, which is Thursday, and pray that I can see stuff. I'm still torn about the timing, if I learn I'm in trouble, I will probably effectively destroy my cousin's weekend. But waiting 4 more days past Thursday may be a bit too much for me.


  1. So we are pretty close in the cycle.  Ultrasound measured the embryo at 6 weeks 2 days today.  I hope your ultrasound goes well and everything stays well (for both of us)

  2.  YAY, that is awesome, so happy for you Nell! Hope you can take a deep breath and relax, atleast for the next 3-4 days.