Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life in bullet points: 5w1d

  • First, I saw this awesome test on Instead of drawing blood for repeat betas, if one is relaxed enough, they could use this: It can detect Beta HCG levels at 25,100,500,2000 and 10000 IU. (!!!) Should keep one sane until their 6 week ultrasounds, without getting jabbed repeatedly. If you wanted to detect to 20000 IU, you theoretically could as well (collect urine, dilute with  exactly equal amount of water) and test. That is the scientist in me talking. Slinking away now.
  • I'm now waiting for my toxoplasmosis IgG/IgM test. Since I have a cat, I want to be sure I have prior immunity to Toxoplasma gondii, a nasty parasite can live in your cat and be shed in the poop. Has the potential to cause havoc in pregnancy. According to one source, around 30-50% of the world's population has had prior contact with this parasite and is protected by IgG antibodies against it. Infection is asymptomatic and usually causes no issues (though a recent study linked T.gondii in the brain (ack!) to increased suicide risk), but can be potentially deadly if contracted during a pregnancy, especially the first trimester.
  • Sadly, it now looks that I'd have to stay here (in the US) till the end of my first trimester. I'm doing this so in case any of my screenings (nuchal translucency or AFP) raise flags, then I can get tested with the Sequenom Tri21plus test, which is an alternative for amniocentesis/CVS for the detection of Trisomies 13, 18 and 21.  Unlike amniocentesis or CVS which are needle biopsies into your uterus, this is just a blood test. Unfortunately, this would not be available in upon moving to India. The thought of getting an amniocentesis there (or in most places here as well) makes my blood run cold. Amniocentesis is a test where you should have only the best of the best, who have done it like 5000 times before, preferably perform. One of the worst horror stories I've heard is about a woman who had an amnio done, at Scripps (allegedly). They did not disinfect the skin properly and contaminated the sac with skin bacteria. She lost both her babies within hours. So be very, very careful about where you have an amniocentesis or a CVS done, if it comes down to that. Its worth traveling and paying out of pocket, to be able to go to somebody with a good reputation.
  • Its going to be nerve wracking being here, sans family, ultrasound to ultrasound, if this pregnancy keeps progressing, which I hope and pray it will. I can anticipate being kind of a wreck during my 'danger period' of around 8-9 weeks where both my previous pregnancies ended. I'm really glad I have you all to virtually hold my hand through this.


  1. I am sending you lots of positive vibes. Spend that uncomfortable 8-9 weeks with someone who keeps you happy and relaxed.

  2. Thinking of you & virtually holding your hand.

  3. Keeping good thoughts for you!

  4. That test you linked to looks awesome - expensive and awesome.  I love how you prefaced it with "relaxed enough".  Yeah, in my TTC days, I'm not at all relaxed enough...

    That sucks that you have to stay in the US during the scary days, but we will definitely be holding your hand throughout.  Hang in there.  Every day is another day closer to your baby!!!