Wednesday, November 3, 2010

happenings in pregnancy land

I think I need to write something even if I have nothing real to report, its a compulsion. Anyway, I'm hanging in there, just have to have faith and patiently wait till November 10th, when my first u/s will be. I'll be 6w5d at that point.

As for now,I have heartburn and heartburn-induced (if such a thing is possible) nausea.  I was taking Tums (had to look hard to find the white ones) then I realized they have crazy stuff like mineral oil and talc in there- why the #$#%# does the industry feel compelled to put crap in everything it makes? Now, if things get worse, I'll have to find  some source of heartburn relief and I have  feeling I'll find something objectionable in everything I look.
There is also the bizarre sleeping habits- my usual bedtime is about 1 am (I kid you not), and my slap-the-snooze-button ritual starts at 7.45 am and goes on for about half an hour.  Now I'm in bed by 10 pm and wide awake by 7 am, its utterly shocking.

I pray for cramps, which I take as a sign of the uterus stretching and  accommodating itself for the little one, but I have not had much of that lately. Again, this is where the faith bit kicks in.

As far the doctor front goes, I now have a reproductive endocrinologist, a perinatologist and a regular endocrinologist ...a bit exhausting to think about.  Have my first consult with  the endo today, and we'll be talking about whether I am skating on the edge of thyrotoxicity or not.

Update about thyroid : I met a very junior endocrinologist (= easier to bully, and I'm definitely the bullying kind of patient, the kind that tries to make their doctor order all sorts of tests they think they need). She (and the older un bully-able doctor she bought in later)  pronounced my super-low TSH (0.4) and total T4 (10.5) absolutely perfect for pregnancy.  I'll be retested on a regular basis but right now they think everything is dandy.

On another note- scientists really do make the most exasperating patients.. I know somebody else who has this rare and undiagnosable condition resulting in a  pretty scary potassium deficiency, he actually sequences his own genome and  makes powerpoint presentations to take in to his poor doctors. Compared to that, I'm probably not so bad.

Congrats again to the newly pregnant S and HopefulCC, and I'm keeping  Mo in my thoughts- looks like things are going well!


  1. I know what you mean. I barely have anything new to report, but I feel compelled to appease my readership (lol, assuming I have one and that they're sitting around waiting for me to post). Bodily changes are funny. Especially if you have an idea about what it might be. Keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. I'm glad you're keeping us up to date! My hormone induced worrying has expanded to worry about bloggers who aren't posting! I'm a mess, I tell you ;)

    Anyway, I can chime in on the heartburn...I have a pre-existing reflux issue so heartburn has been a nightmare for me...I have been taking Gaviscon (or the Wal.Mart generic brand) & it is very effective. You can take a lot more of it in a 24hr period but I find it so effective that I don't need to take much at all.

  3. OMG, I am having the exact same sleep patterns. It's so weird. I am normally a big night owl and a chronic snooze button slapper, but I've been getting up before my alarm even goes off.

  4. I've heard heartburn can be a big symptom--- definitely an uncomfortable one.
    I hear you about the cramps-- I welcome them too. And I probably poke my boobs 50x a day to make sure they're still sore. It makes me feel better.

    And thanks for the well wishes, Jay. I think I'm about a week behind you :) I'll be thinking of you 11/10- the day of your u/s!

  5. Jay.. that is funny that you are praying for cramps. But, I agree. I rather have some symptoms or signs for reassurance.

    Can't wait to hear about your u/s.

  6. YAY!!! Jay! Congrats!!! I'm so very happy for you!!! :o) I hope you have a smooth & healthy pregnancy!!! Hugs! Send me your email so I can give you access to my blog.