Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The usual 2WW madness

I''d forgotten how angst-ridden they are and how they turn you into a google junkie.  Everytime, the 'symptoms' you get are going to be different. This time there is something definately eyebrow- raising happening, and this is kind of gross, so if you are not a TTC veteran (which would make you utterly comfortable with discussions involving bodily fluids), stop reading now.

On 2 and 3 days DPO, I got tons of egg white cervical mucous (!!!).  Today, I used the clear-blue easy fertility monitor because I was curious about my estrogen levels, and it registered high fertility = high estrogen! I usually don't get much CM at this point, though in the last 2WW, it was decidedly more that usual and creamy, but not the egg-white kind and definitely not such abundant floods. One thing is for sure, my lining is probably approaching La-Z-Boy plushness given the floods of estrogen.  I'm slightly concerned that I have a cyst but I don't know how high your estrogen levels have to be before the doctors start looking for one. There is also the tantalizing observation floating through message boards that women who get pregnant can sometimes notice more fertile quality CM in the 2ww. Having found no scientific page stating the same, I think it just might be 2ww urban legend.

So I've googled the same query in about 15 different ways, posted the question about whether this is even normal on every message board I can find , asked my RE too, and have heard back from nobody, which of course whets my desire to know so much more. 

I recently told one of my friends about Plan B and the fact that I'd had an insemination that very morning. She is all seriousness turns to me and says, 'Doesn't that mean that you will find out in two days?' Bless her- wish she was right!


  1. Good lord, two days only - would that be amazing. what dpo are you? my CM is like a running joke - its different every month, totally unreliable. keeping you in my thoughts.


  2. Thanks Randi- I'm at 5 DPO now. Given my past experience, it may be safe to say I don't get a BFP by 11 DPO, I'll know that this will not have worked, so not too long to wait!

  3. Two days, if only!!! My best advice: Step away from Google, lol! Seriously though, I'll keep my finger's crossed for you!!

  4. Jay, it's so hard to stay relax during the 2ww. I understand. Hang in there.. just a few more days then you can POAS. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  5. I'm hoping that tww urban legend holds true for you!!
    Sending you lots of positive, sticky baby vibes your way :)

  6. Don't you remember that friends episode where Phoebe found out she was pregnant the same day as her IVF?!? That is where people get these messages from!