Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bloodwork part 1

The best idea I ever had was to start a blog during this process. When you get results back, you WANT to share, but who really is willing to listen? Nobody other than you guys and I love you all for it!

18 DPO beta- 1702 (last time was 2500 at 19 DPO, so sounds about the same)

See the  betabase link for that day.

The rest is horribly technical but I'm sad to say too many of the people reading will actually be able to interpret these values easily,  oh for those days of blissful ignorance.

TSH- 0.4!! (nosedived from 2.86- its quite a dive down, but I guess I'm not hyperthyroid yet)
T4- 10.5 (close to upper limit of the normal range)
Lupus anti-coagulant DRVVT test ratio is 1.07- the same down to the decimal point as last time 5 weeks ago! You are considered positive for Lupus anti-coagulant (scary stuff highly likely to kill your baby) if your ratio is 1.2 or above, from this lab.

If I were a betting woman, I'd say the cardiolipin IgG value will come back as the same, which will probably get me put on aspirin. God knows what any of this means anymore.

I told my mother I was pregnant (I can never keep anything from her long) and she was 'not surprised'. She kept telling me not to be negative- man, I have to say, the pressure to 'stay positive' is itself stress inducing.


  1. Great Beta!! I'm all pulling for you! Big Hug!

  2. that's great about the results! keep on keepin on... maybe the aspirin will be just the thing - who knows?

  3. Thinking about you. My fingers are crossed. Just keep you're head up. :)

  4. Your mom is just the best! Keeping my fingers crossed for Turbulence. I just can't wait for the first 12 weeks to pass :)

  5. That's an incredible beta!! love to hear your updates : )

    oh, and in response to your comment/question on my blog, I don't know so much about immunology, so can't really write intelligently about why intralipids might work. I'm actually not sure they understand the mechanism. sorry. am more in the camp that if it won't hurt, might as well throw it in the mix at this point to see if we can keep our little embryo growing on the vine as long as possible.

  6. hanks everybody!

    @ Radu- OMG, you got yourself a google profile! Next step to the dark side- your own blog! And yes my mother does rock :)

    @Mo...thanks! I did a little bit of reading on intralipids, and the quick answer is nobody knows how they work :)) They are supposed to be ok with blocking NK cell activity, and the one plausible mechanism is that they basically cover everything in fat so the cells cant 'spot' their targets anymore. Other than that, nobody seems to have a clue.

  7. That is a beautiful beta, my friend. Congrats!

  8. Yay for the great Beta numbers!!! And I love it when my blog friends share the details!

  9. Great beta! And wow on your TSH! How much Synthroid are you on? I hope they monitor that pretty closely!

  10. Wow.. great beta!! I'm happy for you. Can't wait to see the ultrasound.