Monday, July 1, 2013

IVF#2. The final tally

The results of this round have, frankly, been miraculous-looking. Whether they are actually miraculous (i.e., can produce a drooling, pooping bundle of joy still remains very much a question).

But here we go:

19 eggs, 15 mature, 16 fertilized.
Day 3: 9 eight-celled grade As, 1 five-celled Grade A,  2 six-celled grade Cs. (Plus 1 four-celled and 1 two-celled)
Day 4: 5 embryos are early blasts (!!), 2 reach the morula stage,  2 ten-celled, 4 eight-celled, 1-5-celled (grades AC-CC)
Day 5: 10 blasts!
Five 4AAs, one 3AA, one 2AA, one 1AA, and 2 early blasts (will get the final grade today, when they freeze these last 2 on day 6)

One source says that 40% of "good-looking"embryos make it to blast; Another source says that around 33% of all fertilized eggs make it to the blastocyst stage.

Either way, the results of this cycle are well above average. Last time, the issue was that I had very few mature eggs, but my blastocyst generation rate, from all fertilized eggs, was around 33%, which is dead average.

So why was it so good this time when it was so crappy last time?

More on that later, but this is definately one of those celebrate-becuase-you-bloody-well-can moments. You never know when things will change.

Oh, and I lost my old surrogate and found a new one in the space of 2 hours. And I was lucky enough to find somebody whose cycle began 2 days ago- so a transfer is imminent. More on surrogacy in India soon- have to say, it's SUCH a different set of rules.

More on all of this later, this post has been typed from my phone, so please excuse any typos.

But for now---wheeeeeeeee!!