Monday, March 5, 2012


Which is french for SHIT!! I was expecting my surge to start tomorrow morning. I've been monitoring for its arrival  like a KGB agent. I checked thrice yesterday, morning, afternoon and midnight, and this morning, where my test line was still lighter than my control line, and this just now.

See to the right the results- the test line was lighter than the control line at 11 am this morning, but by 5 it had visibly darkened, being as dark as the control line.

This means my surge began this afternoon. I have not scheduled an IUI for tomorrow- I called in the evening, but everybody was gone. I'm with NYU fertility, I wonder what they do in situations like this.

Its also an irregular cycle for me, but is it bad irregular? Who the hell knows? I have had around 1 full day (atleast) of high estrogen before my surge began.  My CM has only been creamy till yesterday, but today it changed to eggwhite. I've definitely had better natural cycles, though this is not the worst either. If my surge had begun tomorrow I'd have had far fewer worries.

I'm probably going to go in tomorrow for an IUI (if they'll let me, given the late hour). Sigh. When I wanted to do this again, I wanted things to look extremely reassuring. They never seem to be, not when I actually want them to be. But its bloody hard to wait- I wish to god I had gone the last time things look good, last month. But when you hunker down and wait for that 'perfect' cycle to show, its like waiting for the kettle to boil, its not going to happen on your watch.

So the games may begin again- will update when PUPO, assuming they let me go tomorrow.


  1. DUDE!  They have to fit you in right?!?!  They have to!  I remember when we were doing our IUI with Mac we had a similar thing except it was "We have a few more days" and then the next appt was "It looks like you already ovulated so let's just try and do the IUI right now just to see if we can catch it"  Merde is right.  But all is not lost...if they can't get you in, let meknow and I'll fly out there and inseminate you myself!  Well, that came out odd...but you know what I mean.

  2. good luck - keep us posted!

  3. Monday morning. I'm at work and I sure hope you're at NYU Fertility having your IUI. They surely found a way to fit you in. Surely. They must.
    I'm really sorry that things don't feel reassuring for you, and that ducks are not lining up in a neat row. Will be thinking of you today.

  4. MERDE indeed. I hope they fit you in! 

  5. I'm glad you got in today.