Monday, January 10, 2011

Need advice

Quick drive-by post here.  I will be moving to NYC in a month.  I need to pick a new RE there. One very logical choice is Dr. Liccardi (the guy who writes 'The infertility blog') at NYU.

I know that quite a few people from NYC have to come by here...have you been a patient with Dr. Liccardi, and if so, what is your experience?  Also,  do you know of any RE's  specializing in recurrent pregnancy loss who you would highly recommend?

Muchas Gracias in advance!


  1. I have a sorority sister in NYC who had recurrent miscarriages but now has a wonderful 7 year old little boy! I'll check with her on who she used and follow back up with you.

  2. Quick turnaround on the feedback from my NYC friend, a fabulous person I admire greatly who reminds me a lot of Shannon @ Chasing Rainbows:

    So my Reproductive Endocrinologist was Dr. Nicole Noyes from NYUIVF.

    Once I got released from her at about 10 weeks preggers, I went to a perinatoligist Dr. Andrei Rebarber and his practice for the duration of my pregnancy.

    I highly recommend Dr Noyes. Another great place where many of my friends have had success was at Weill-Cornell.

    If Dr. Suggestions are needed here let me know and I can ask my friends.

    I am sorry for your friends issues, but if you are burdened with fertility issues, NYC is a great place to be as there are several highly regarded practices.

  3. BB, thanks so much, so sweet of you to ask around! Dr. Noyes is in Dr. Liccardi's practice so that definitely goes to the top of my very short list!

  4. Hi Jay, it's Tanya from SMC in NYC. As you know I also had two losses at 12 and 8 weeks. I was at Columbia, but just switched to Cornell and Dr. Chung. I'm in my first IUI cycle and then on to IVF. People here say don't walk to Cornell, run! Best of luck.

  5. My doctor - whom I cannot recommend highly enough! - was Dr. Barad at the Center for Human Reproduction. Seriously - incredibly considerate, compassionate doctor, who was right there with me through my multiple losses, and who coordinated & transferred my DE pregnancy which took. (In fact, I owe him a visit to introduce my son to him!) Wonderful office staff, though they can be brusque on the phone - perservere! It's a great clinic, and they have fantastic stats.

  6. I had a consult w/ Dr Licc.iardi (he's Dr. Man on my blog) in September before going with the woman I call Dr. Wonderful at Corn.ell. Dr. L is good--you can read my blog for my impressions and why we went with someone else. E-mail me if you'd like my RE's name. I adore her.

  7. Also, I know another blogger with RPL who sees Chung at Cornell.