Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a bad blogger, but...

Hope at Invisible mother, Jenny at Try, Try again and Randi at Fervently Wishing have very kindly nominated me for a few blog awards. Thank you ladies!!! I've done this blog award deal a couple of times so I've done the describe myself bit before- its here.

I wish I had the enthusiasm to find the blogs to nominate. I've been trying to find it for a few days but sadly, its just not coming..

But seriously... everybody out here writing, who have faced or are facing adversity,challenge and pain and growing from it, who are sharing their experiences and reaching out to other people in pain deserve these all of these awards. The one thing all of you REALLY deserve is squealing bundles of joy that enthusiastically create the most smelly diapers in the world. I give you all these awards and more than that, a prayer that all your quests are soon fulfilled.

In other news

  • Completed my first week in NYC- wake up everyday with legs bitterly protesting all the walking I made them do- but loving it!

  • Science related: I've updated my 'Science of infertility' page- I was flabbergasted to read that Vitamin D can actually fix insulin resistance in some people.. maybe this is the link of this vitamin to PCOS(caused by insulin resistance), one of the most common causes of infertility other than advanced maternal age or structural problems?


  1. I pray your quest is fulfilled soon too! Yeah for your 7 days of high fertility!

  2. Fantastic! I'm pleased you are loving NYC and it's great that your cycles are behaving it the Vit D do you think? I have started on 50,000IU monthly - it's a compromise given my normal levels.

  3. I don't know if it is the Vitamin D, but lets just say that everything about my cycles, even my pregnancies are spookily and unbelievably repeatable. So any deviations are just not random, there are physiological events driving them. The only thing that has changed drastically in my physiology are my vitamin D levels- my blood levels have almost doubled (but are still on the lowest rung on the normal range). That is all I know...I cannot tell if A definitely connects to B though, its impossible to :-(

    About the vitamin D dosage you are taking, I think everybody's individual needs may vary.
    For example:

    I'm currently on 4000IU/day which is about 120,000 IU a month. Combined with a dose of an extra 120,000 IU my blood levels just increased from 16 to 35 ng/ml.

    So to bring my levels from 35, to say, closer to 50, I've decided to up my dosage to 6000 IU/day...which would be about 180,000 IU a month.

    Compared to that, 50,000 IU dosage a month would not be enough for me (It was about how much I was taking during my pregnancy, clearly that was not enough), but that is my physiology- I have a feeling I'm just genetically sub-par when It comes to absorption or something- a lot of women on my mom's side are turning out to be pretty badly deficient. Interestingly, fibromyalgia is rampant on my mom's side, and there is a definite link between the two.

    Maybe a dose of 50,000 IU/month will be enough for you though...send me your email address, I have a Berkley wellness report on vitamin D you might be interested in.

  4. 7 days of high fertility - amazing! And glad to hear you're settling into NYC. One of the best things about that city is the constant exercise!

  5. im so intrigued by the vitamin D thing too. i don't have PCOS, but i'm mildly insulin resistant and now that i'm on metformin, my skin is way less oily. amazing, huh? and i think the extra vitamin D has helped to... we'll see. i just love your researching mind. ;-)

  6. I also have relatively translucent skin and it is summer here (I run and cycle in the sun). I think the vit D is the likely culprit for your turn-around but we will never know for sure and does it really matter so long as you are healthy? I just wrote a post on antioxidants and my decision to fill my diet with them - I know it can't hurt to eat blueberries every day and drink green tea, so why not? My cycle is finally feeling back to normal and I have hope that this may mean better egg quality... I can't do anything about their age, but I can certainly improve their micronutrient environment :)
    Given my career focus on health promotion, I cannot believe how I let myself down last year in this respect. Ah well. Water most definitely under the bridge!
    The Berkley report sounds interesting, thanks! My email is mycheapviolinblog at gmail dot com

  7. Glad to hear your cycle is cooperating and thanks for sharing info on Vit D - no one has mentioned that one to me yet so perhaps that's yet another pill I should ask about adding to my pill-popping regime. Glad you're settling into NYC as well - free exercise - that's great!

  8. Jenny I'd like to add that figuring out the right dosage of vitamin D is crucial. Small doses (like the daily recommended dose of 400 IU/day) does not help much probably. But taking larger doses 2000-4000 IU a day may be a bad idea if you have too much vitamin D already, because this is a fat soluble vitamin.

    IMO, if anybody is going to consider vitamin D, its a good idea to consider a blood test first. If you don't want to do a blood test, the best compromise dose I might think of is about 1000 IU/day.