Friday, December 17, 2010

Cherry on top

 The rules: link back to the person who gave you the award, pass it on to five (or a bunch of) other blogs, and leave them a comment telling them of the award.
Babychaser at  The Baby Chase Project, Randi at Fervently Wishing and Aronahui at My Cheap Violin have kindly awarded me the "Cherry on Top ' Award. All of these are strong women who write beautiful blogs. If you have not discovered them already, please go over!

A lot of blogs have already been awarded this. I've been trying to find other blogs from my list who have not- here goes.

 Life and Love in the Petri dish 


Park Slope Purgatory

A litte blog about the big infertility

The Pause

Skating on the edge of madness

These are all women that I feel privileged to know, if only virtually. Suffering builds character, and it also makes for great writing, exemplified here. Go over if you don't read them regularly already!

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