About me

Mine is an increasingly familiar story. I've always wanted a family, but despite quite a bit of dating, Mr. Right was still MIA. At the age of 25, the momentous decision was made to give him 5 more years to show up. Once my 30th birthday approached, to my own shock, my life got well and truly hijacked by the desire to become a mom. Going into this process, I expected  it to be easy. Three late first trimester losses later, I sadly know otherwise.

I'm also a scientist, and I'm attacking my problem with every single tool at my disposal. I've had myself more extensively tested than anybody would be at this point and I've discovered some pretty interesting things about the areas of infertility that plague me. This blog was begun to provide a source of emotional support, but now I hope it will serve an additional purpose-- to provide visitors with information about certain aspects of infertility and serve as a forum for discussion of the same.

I can be reached at JustLookingSD30@gmail.com