Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Trimester screening results

For the uninitiated, this is how they do it: They assign odds of having a baby with Trisomy 21 or 18 based on your age. This is your statistical risk. This is then adjusted based on the NT value, and beta HCG and PAPP-A levels.

My calculated or statistical risk for Downs was 1:536. 
After adjusting, my risk was a very comfortable 1:8,000 + 
For Trisomy 18, my adjusted risk was 1:100,000 (!)


Even a worry-wart such as myself would relax a bit at this point. But I can never go all the way it seems. J told me this morning that her nausea was dying down....and instead of celebrating, I started getting slightly worried. That is INSANE. Of course her nausea is supposed to go away at this point, but try telling my hand-wringey stupid self that.   

I've run into a bit of a roadblock trying to find the Indian partner for BGI (the Chinese company) to run the fetal DNA testing. While I'm more relaxed about the 3 big ones now (13, 18, 21), and also to an extent, Turners (it presents with an increased NT thickness and lower PAPP-a levels), I would also like to get the other sex chromosome aneuploidies (Kleinfelters and triple X) ruled out, and they can't really be detected by ultrasound. BGI, according to one link, may be able to do this. 

Science aside, I'm  thinking about this baby constantly. The advice my parents gave me (don't think about this one way or the other) has fallen by the wayside. I'm so scared about how many things still have to go right for this baby to make an appearance safe and sound. When other people with losses had gotten to this point with everything looking good, I had relaxed and thought their chances were great. On paper, I know things look good. If only I could believe it without reservation now.


  1. Awesome! Every step forward is a good one. As far as your parents' advice about not thinking about it, it's well-meaning, but really... who could do that? Especially after having made it into the second trimester. I am hoping that all of the testing goes well and the months fly by and soon you are holding your take-home baby. Wishing the best for you.

  2. GREAT NEWS! i'm really glad that the screening did not give you any more cause to worry. But how could you ask yourself to stop worrying all together. The reality is, this is all up in the air. Until you hold that baby in your arms, you can't be fully reassured because you know too much at this point. You've had very difficult experiences in the baby-making department. How could your order your heart to expect anything different?
    But with each post, I read that you are allowing the door of hope to just open a crack. And that's really what's healthy. Allow yourself to have some hope because there is reason, there is DATA showing that hope is warranted. This is how healthy babies start out.
    Thinking of you lots, these days. Be well, dear woman.

  3. Wonderful news!!!

    Anxiety is natural in pregnancy, especially after loss, not to mention multiple losses... so what you say makes total sense to me. I lived my own version of it.

    There is no guarantee. All you can tell yourself is that it is likelier than not you'll have a good outcome. MUCH more likely. Hold on to that when you can.

  4. Great news happy for you.