Sunday, June 23, 2013

IVF #2: One day from trigger

According to my doctors, my response has been *much* better than the last time.

I'm on CD13, and the 12th day of stims. I have around 16 follicles growing; around 10 in the left ovary and around 6-7 in the right ovary.

All 10 follicles in my left ovary are marching in ranks, they now range between 17-21 mm, and have been synchronous from the start. Unfortunately, its a different story in my right ovary, while the follicles within are synchronous, there the average follicle size is around 13 mm.

Basically, my right and left ovaries have not been communicating. My left ovary, interestingly, has always been the dominant player, atleast 2 of my 3 pregnancies came from this one.

E2 levels over this cycle:
CD08 E2 = 324, LH = 0.82
CD11 E2 = 1501, LH = 1.02
CD13 E2 = 2574, LH = 0.45

The last value is lower than what I expected. My RE, who uses a particular lab said they had been reporting lower than expected values all day for different patients, which makes her think that there are some testing-specific issues, and this crops up from time to time. I hope to god that is indeed true and my level is a bit higher than this.

Assuming a peak E2 of around 230 (remembering this from my IUI days), I have around 12ish follicles. Hopefully of these have pretty little mature eggs can hope right?

Anyway, the truely cool part- all of this is on a MUCH lower dose of stims than the last time.

Last time, I was stimming with 300 rFSH for the first 4-5 days and 450 IU FSH and 300 IU LH (thanks to the menagon, which is equal parts of FSH and LH) for the remainder. It was like getting hit with a Mac truck of hormones, the multiple injections were a trial, and I had the mother of all breakouts. My EWCM abruptly went away around the 10th day of stims. And most importantly, though I got 11 eggs, only 3 managed to fertilize and only one made it to blastocyst.

This time, its 150 IU FSH/day, with an additional 75 IU LH on the last day of stimulation. With this itty-bitty dose, my response is similar, if not better. I have more follicles (albeit with a slightly lower E2), I have not broken out. I've had EWCM all throughout.

So far, this is what I am really pleased about, that I have had a better-looking response to a much lower, more physiological dose. There is some hope here now.

The biggest difference between this cycle and the last is that my LH levels this time around have been FARR lower. We'll see how that shakes out, in terms of a response.

Trigger is early Monday morning, at the ungodly hour of 3:30 am. All I can do at this point, is pray.

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