Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Craziness all around

I get a call back about my AMH, with the lab informing me that they have to retest it. I used my 'Dr.' title to make them give me the preliminary result- its apparently OVER 6.9, and out of range probably.

An explanation of the reference ranges used by a testing lab in India

2 years ago, I was looking definately PCOS-ish, with an AMH of 5.6 and an AFC of 30.

3 months ago, it was 1.9 one month, rose to 2.6 the next month, at which point my AFC was 13.

Fastforward 2 more months, now my AMH may be over 6.9, with an AFC of 25- back to looking PCOS-ish.

Like I've said, all I can monitor that has truly changed in my body are my vitamin D levels. My doctor, playing devil's advocate pointed out there could be a lot more changing that you could be aware of. Theoretically, that is a perfectly valid point. What confounds me is the timing- when my vitamin D levels stay within a range, say, deficiency, nothing changed over many months monitored. When my levels were really high, things changed and then stayed constant for a while. Now that they are lower again (but, above my original levels), things have changed again- we will need to monitor for many more months before drawing conclusions of any sort. 

What is my diagnosis? I have fertility issues sure, but the underlying causes are damned near indecipherable. Most people can get a clear label- of 'PCOS' or 'Diminished ovarian reserve'. With all my knowledge and recall of all the minutiae of my case, I have no idea how to label myself. I lean towards PCOS, but I'm not quite there.

So what I'm wishing for in 2013, aside from a baby-- enlightenment. Also, for concrete and viable solutions to counter gun violence and  violence against women, but sadly, there is a much higher chance of me actually having a baby than meaningful progress being made in those directions. 

Happy new year everybody. I hope this one is a kind one, on the whole.

Also, please go offer a shoulder to MN, as she faces the unthinkable, yet again.


  1. So sorry Jay...not knowing is so frustrating.

  2. May 2013 bring us both healthy babies and answers.  And hugs and prayers for MN.  I'm so sorry.

  3. Hahaha -- "There is a much higher chance of me actually having a baby than meaningful progress being made in those directions." You're probably right on that, sadly. Here's hoping you conquer the first thing, then we can all focus on gun control. Baby steps (literally)!

  4. oh goodness me. That is so confusing! And not knowing what the problem/diagnosis is exactly causes a lot of frustration and demands that one tolerate ambiguity (which personally, I suck at). I hope you can find some sort of peace in all of this, but mostly what I hope for is the same as you wish for yourself: a healthy, bouncing baby in 2013. (and I'm also 100% on board with reducing violence, and violence against women). Happy New Year, Jay.

  5. So sorry you are dealing with the unknown! Even though my Premature Ovarian Failure at age 25 diagnosis is totally devestating, I am often still very grateful of the silver lining - that I have a clear label and a clear plan. I can't imagine how frustrating it much be to have this kind of uncertainty without a clear diagnosis. I feel for the girls in my support group who are 'unexplained'. I hope as you say that 2013 brings clear (and good!) news for you! And I  hope it brings an end to violence too :-)

  6. Happy 2013 to you! Answers would be very welcome in any year. I am flummoxed by the results you keep getting. My hope is that there is a nice fat lucky streak headed your way soon. These past few months have been too much.

  7. It's amazing how little we all know about what is involved in getting and staying pregnant.  I hope that you get some answers that lead you to your take-home baby.  

  8. I had to convert into pmol/L in order to compare AMH. Mine is only 1.4ng/ml now :(, but your "normal range" is different from the Australasian 

  9. Whoops, that posted unexpectedly! 6.9 would be equivalent to 15.5pmol/L and considered normal fertility by my chart. Interesting to know which is correct. I don't think enough is really known about the nuances of AMH yet.