Friday, November 2, 2012


I got the first piece of good news this cycle so far yesterday- my estradiol (E2)went up from 2200 (pg/ml) on CD12 to 3521 48 hours later. My ovaries are filled with largish follicles. We did not bother measuring anyway- we could tell that many had increased in size from 2 days ago, but there are no foolproof indicators based on size of whether a follicle has an egg, and a mature one at that.

An E2 of over 3000 is considered decent territory for an IVF response, but when I asked my doctor of how often E2 levels can predict mature follicle number (assuming each follicle produces between 200-300 pg/ml of E2)--he said--75 % of the time. So yeah, its always a crapshoot.

He did say that, barring my lowish AFC(13) for my age, my response has been 'textbook'.

So I triggered (with 5000 units HCG) this morning. And unfortunately, something happened. The injection is given IM, I asked my mom to give it in the hip area, bad call. As I was getting it I felt the muscles in my leg seize up. 4 hours later, I'm limping horribly and can't sit, and nor can I take any muscle relaxants/anti-inflammatories. Spending the day in bed---not as enticing as it sounds, unfortunately!

Minor issue though-egg collection is tomorrow evening, and I hope that brings good tidings. Wish me luck!


  1. Great ! Looks like perfect cycle : ) 

  2. Oh that sounds like a painful reaction to the trigger shot! I hope you start to feel a bit better soon... and can at least sit or walk tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you for your retrieval. Best of luck and make sure you get some more rest afterwards :)

  3. Tons of good luck headed your way! May all your follies be filled with perfect eggs! 

  4. (I guess I was one of those folks in the other 25%)

    Good luck!!!

  5. I have to give my trigger myself tonight, so I googled massive amounts of videos to be sure I do it correctly. Turns out your sciatic nerve runs through your buttocks, it's possible she got too near it or a branch of it. Hopefully it will resolve itself.