Sunday, October 28, 2012

CD 9 follie scan---MEH

I started out with 6 AFC on my right ovary--on CD9,  3 of these are appropriate size,synched up follicles and another 3 are giant (around 18 mm), looking like cysts. In my left ovary, out of 7 available AFC, only 3 are growing (correct size, synched up), one is a straggler, and nothing happening with the other 3. Its interesting-  at least 2 of my  3 pregnancies have come from my left ovary. The one time I failed to get knocked up, it was my right ovary in play.

Overall, this leaves me staring at 6 possible follicles which could yield eggs.  I'd go get a drink (or several), but there is no chance of that till egg collection, at which point I'm done for this cycle(YAY!). I'm coming really close to being called a poor responder (I looked up the definition, they also factor in estrogen production). I've been having mad EWCM since CD7, so hopefully, my E2 levels will not be shabby. Oh, please dear god, please.

The only thing I got a gold star on was something that will not even be in play, apparently, my lining (like every other time I've been examined by the dildo cam), was gorgeous. I'm like a shitty egg donor candidate, but with amazing surrogate potential, atleast till implantation point. Oh, the bloody irony.

I have not written this off yet---there is every flavor of IVF I've read about. The ones where you get a gzillion eggs and inexplicably end up with like 3 good embryos, the ones where you get 4 eggs and end up with the same, and then there are the perfect ones who make like 25 eggs and end up with like 10-15 freezable embryos. Right now, I'm hoping and praying with everything I've got that if I do end up with 4-6 eggs (super likely), they are atleast decent quality.

Surprisingly, I have not gone all gloom and doom--- I'm more like, MEH, whatever happens, happens. My doc asked me how I was doing and I told him I'm comfortably numb- which really is true. I should be more upset about all of this, but I can't bring myself to be, and that is a good thing, right? Why get upset about something you have zero control over?

My meds doses have been increased- I'm back to menagon  now since I was doing not so swimmingly with the Gonal-F equivalent (Brand name here is Foligraf). Problem with menagon, no matter how you give it(SC or IM)- the injection site keeps hurting. Otherwise, other than heartburn, I'm mostly fine. Aanybody have heartburn with IVF? Mine responds well to drugs, but I really hate taking them, given that I'm always illogically nervous about what they may do to my 6 precious possible eggs. But right now, ranitidine and Omeprazole are lifesavers.

Also---I'm just hearing about Sandy- stay safe, all my east coast friends!


  1. well, meh is somewhat above doom and gloom. And 9 follies isn't terrible. Hang in there, dear Jay. 

  2. Hoping your 9 follies are good & strong. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way...

  3. IVF is such a wild card, and a you've said there are all sorts of possible scenarios. One of the most confounding things about it is that it's impossible to predict, even when mostly through the stim phase. A cycle yielding 30+ eggs can  end in a BFN. A cycle that gets converted (ahem) can end in a BFP. There is absolutely no telling.

    Wishing you good luck with it. Keep u updated.