Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some birthday gift

So I got the date for the vial used in IUI # 2, where my second pregnancy ended because of a chromosomal number defect, *maybe* because of crappy swimmers, and not any issue with me.

That vial, which may have been so very ill fated, was collected on my birthday. Of all the 365 days in the year, my birthday. I do have vials from other dates, but ironically, the one collected on that day has the highest counts.

So the date weirdness continues---the first bit was where the astrologer predicted that it was safe for me to get pregnant only after a particular date. That date was the day my baby's heart stopped beating, one year before.

My brother argues that its just random probability, you can ALWAYS find make some connection between 2 random things. One part of me knows exactly what he is talking about and tends to agree with him, that I should make absolutely nothing of it, but the more fanciful part of me just can't let it go. Which feeling would you predominantly go with, were you in my shoes?


  1. I think a scientific approach has great value for answering some of the biggest questions we have faced historically, currently and in the future. Taking the information we obtain through our 5 senses and reasoning through this information with our rational minds is most often the best way to approach things. Except when it's not. I like to allow for the mystery inherent in life. When the types of coincidences such as the one your describe here occur, I can't help but leave a place in my mind for the possibility that there is more than just what meets the eye. Your brother may be right ultimately, but don't you think your sixth sense is telling you otherwise? Maybe? Maybe not.

  2. I'm not religious but I can't shake the vibe that sometimes randomness is more than just randomness.  I suppose the two don't go together but whats a girl to do?  I would draw the same conclusions.  I would follow your gut and if your gut says bail on the birthday vile and try a different one, then I agree with your gut.  

    How's that for not helpful at all?  

  3. Michaela - A Single JourneyDecember 18, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    I would go with your gut! It is definitely trying to tell you something (or the universe is). 

  4. It's uncanny, for sure. In your shoes I'd have a complicated reaction to that discovery. I tend towards the superstitious, sad to say. And I spend a lot of my time battling against it. The truth is that your brother is probably right. But it's hard to shake the weirdness of that coincidence.