Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Astrology and me

For anybody reading my blog who does not know this already, I’m Indian.  If you have ever heard the stereotype about Indians fervently believing in astrology, it is true.  There are armies of astrologers telling a gullible nation of a billion people when to plan their weddings, when they should start a business, when they should buy a new house, the list is endless.  And they buy it.  They bend over backwards, arrange everything around the prediction. It is bloody incredible. 

Astrology is an ancient practice, with a mathematical system behind it.  Interpretation is drawn from the positioning of the planets and the stars.  Most modern day ‘astrologers’ are charlatans, not knowing anything about this ancient system. There are a few people who actually have made a study of it and apply it properly, though the real question is, is there is any validity to the system?

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I don’t believe in astrology. However, I cannot sit here and confidently say that it is absolute rubbish either. Its kind of like my position on god, where I’m neither a believer nor an atheist.  My parents, however, believe in it. They have taken my charts, my brother’s charts, various family members’ charts to the astrologers, and occasionally I am surprised that they get interpretations that accurately sum up the situation, since the astrologers have never met the parties in question and do not have the data to make up something that will fit the case.

But still, I am disposed to definitely *NOT* believe in it.  But every now and then, I hear something that just makes me want to tear my hair out in confusion. In the past 2 months, my parents have taken my charts to two separate astrologers. Both have assured my parents that I *will* get married (My response to that…..HAH + rude finger sign). The part that raises my eyebrows is the following

Both parties independently predicted that there is a strong likelihood for me to meet somebody this year . Spooky bit is that both parties independently predicted that the likelihood arises in the same month- July

One of them said there is a huge protective influence, which will make sure nothing really bad happens to me (enough things that have happened in my life so far make me want to agree with this one)

The other (who has no idea of my pregnancies) told my parents that it was really good that I had not been married till now, because my charts indicate that if I did get pregnant before November 2011, there is a strong indication my life would have been in danger.

This last part is truly the one that makes me want to screech in frustration. Why would they make up something like that? Why bring up pregnancy out of nowhere? Why go and name that one month?!?! Because, adding to the weird factor, my tentative date for trying again is December 2011.

I’ve been wondering why my babies died. My brain just keeps buzzing back to this unanswerable question, picking away at it. I’ve always had this sixth sense about things that proves itself right maybe 50 % of the time.  That little annoying voice has been piping up saying that that there was a reason all of this happened, that I just did not know it yet.

Everyday, my brain is so tired from buzzing around endless explanations, the scientific and the philosophical. Then when my parents relate all of this to me, and the buzzing just rises to a bloody crescendo. Ugh.

Do you believe in destiny? Do you think there is a grand plan to things? Would you buy all of this as whacky coincidence? Feel free to not hold back when you answer.  


  1. I used to believe in a grand plan. Like you my belief has been challenged and even temporarily broken. Just not sure anymore. But I'm rooting for July AND December....why not? I hear good things still happen. I think about you often and I think you deserve some happiness.

  2. ThebabychaseprojectMarch 8, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    Well, July is nearing and you are in a new city.. so there's a possibility.. Life is too unpredictable. I never thought that i would be TTC alone, never in a million years.. and I am sure no astrologer(?) would have predicted this fate for me.

  3. Throughout this TTC journey I've started to become more and more open to believe in "other" powers out there... be in God, astrology, quantum healers, Eastern Medicine, or whatever. I think they all have their place in the mind/body connection that is so important.

    I've had 3 sessions with Mas Sajady http://transparentselfimage.com/ and he's honestly amazing. Maybe check him out!

  4. Hey Jay, that is pretty bizarre, especially the same info from two different people. I can't say I would believe it 100%, but I wouldn't discount it either. This whole subject of destiny and faith is something that I've really been thinking about lately and having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. What is the difference between fate and making your own fate? I went to see "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon yesterday and this topic was a major theme of the movie. So, I don't know. :\

  5. I do believe in destiny, fate, signs and all that. I don't know who is controlling the grand plan, whether it is God, the Universe, or just our own will. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I know that can sound trite especially to someone who has experienced loss. I've experienced tragedy in my life, and while I was in it I couldn't believe that there could possibly be any purpose in it. Sometimes I still like back on events and wonder why. All I know is that it all lead me to where I am now and where I am continuing to go, and I do believe the future holds wonderful things.

    Incidently I grew up being taught that astrology was basically hogwash. And if anything ever turned out as predicted it was coincidence or worse "of the devil." I was raised extremely conservative christian. As an adult I've basically chosen another path and lean more towards the eastern religions. I just had my natal chart done. I don't really understand it yet, but am planning to take a basic class in astrology next month.

  6. I don't believe in it, but I have to admit I'm curious now to see if things happen that way for you.

  7. I'm a skeptic as well. But, while we were ttc our son I saw someone out of frustration (this was Sept. of 2007) and I was told that I would conceive before the end of the calendar year and deliver before Sept. of 2008. So when it got to be January 1, 2008 I thought, "There ya go, just a pile of crap." I received my BFP on Jan. 10, 2008 and delivered our son in August of 2008 (even though my due date wasn't until 9/10/08).

  8. I believe; I always have. The thing about predictions is that they're dated so far off that you tend to forget about them until you get the swift kick of deja vu and "HOLY SMOKES IT REALLY HAPPENED!" screams through your brain. I don't believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that things happen in their own time. Fingers crossed that July and December are your time.

  9. Well, yep, I did not know you are an Indian.

    Let me answer your question like this: a member of the extended family consulted their punditji about Lola, and the fellow said that if she survived 48 hours, she would have a very long life. Lola died. If she had lived through, the punditji would have proved correct. Even in her death, his statement saves him from a wrong prediction. That's what.

    But I do think that there does happen to be some grand scheme of things.

    Jay, you have been asking me about why Metformin for me - I don't have PCOS and I am not diabetic. But Metformin improves metabolism, helps in weight loss, and yes helps in ovulation. I started Met in August 2009, it was a cycle from hell. I have regular periods (33 day cycles +/- 2 days), and I ovulate. But that particular cycle was anovulatory and continued for 60+ days. I took medication to bring on the bingbing, and it is then that I had started Metformin.

    When I conceived Lola, I was on Metformin and low-dose aspirin. Anyways, I discontinued the Metformin after my first trimester was up.

    Are your parents supportive of you being a SMC?

  10. P.S. I have believed my dreams. I have visions, and yeah, the more I think of it, they have shown me signs.

    I had a very strong dream in the end of December, and I seemed to not interpret it correctly. Now that I know from whatever happened, I think there were clues there.

  11. I don't believe in a grand plan, or destiny, though sometimes I wonder if it would be easier if I did. At the same time, my family is from somewhere that is very steeped in superstitions, village beliefs and old wives' tales (nothing even remotely as mathematically based as traditional astrology). I'd like to discount them completely. But I find that sometimes I can't. Sometimes, they ring true.

    I think one of the terrible things about loss is that it drives us to explore every single possibility, no matter how farfetched or harebrained. Or reasonable, even. It's too tempting to think of it like a puzzle. And if we only had the key.