Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reviewing Doctors

Thank you all who have come by from LFCA to the Good/Bad/Ugly post and shared stories of your doctors. Somebody asked whether I was doing a national listing. Another person asked whether I would be willing to put my review up somewhere else.

The main reason why I wrote those reviews, was to harness the power of search engines. The most direct way to find information about anybody, is to google them.  It is the universal  and easiest way of locating anybody. I hence want to create a page that will contain honest, detailed reviews about doctors from everywhere, that has enough tags, and sufficient hits to pop up on the first search page. This last part is really important. You can write a review about somebody, that might be so far behind on the google searches that anybody who looks for the person will never find them, because your review is sitting on page 6 of the search, in a rarely visited website.

It does not matter if the doctor is American or international.  It does not matter even if they are in a small town on the other side of the world. The point is to put their names, with their hospital affiliations and regions on one giant page, which has all these different tags it can be pulled up by.

I would have to consider how to organize the page if I got a lot of material. I think I will stick with having 3 categories (Good/Bad/Ugly), and then further group by region. International is fine.

So this is the format I would prefer

Refer to yourself by any nickname you choose.  Link to your page if you want.
Choose review category (good, bad or ugly)
List full name of doctor with clinic name, region
Specialty: Example OB/ RE/ Perinatologist 
Description of your interaction

It would be easier if you emailed me the information- my address is Justlookingsd30@gmail.com

Once I have enough, I'll enter all reviews in this new format.

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