Sunday, July 23, 2017

I'm back, and it's hopefully not a once-off!!

OMG fellow bloggers, it has been a while! I logged into my email account after a year, and I saw emails from people needing RE reviews, a company that offered genetic panel testing on the causes of infertility, and I did not even know where to start. I still don't. Maybe I need to delve  into the company offering genetic testing, but that is for when my life is far less chaotic than it is now.

So much has happened in my own life! In a bid to gain the live-anywhere, work-from-anywhere flexibility I craved, I decided to leave a 9-to-5 job behind and go the freelance medical writing route. In doing so, I could finally make the switch to living where I wanted to live, not where my job was forcing me to live...Austin! We just moved here, I became a first-time home owner (no mean feat when you just switched from full-time employment to self-employment) and the move has been EVENTFUL to say the least...the moving company inexplicably sent all my stuff to Oregon instead of Texas, and I'm going to have wait weeks to get it.  

G is now a tempestuous but charming and oh-so-sweet 3 year old.  She is funny and affectionate and kind, which is counterbalanced by a demon temper, fierce determination to do what she wants to do, and the impulse control issues that every 3 year old struggles with. Parenting her is so easy in so many ways, and difficult in others, like it is for everybody.  I'd read a parenting help book (really want to check out "How to talk so your kids will listen"), but I have no time.  

So many people who have stopped TTC just stop blogging, because it is difficult to find things to say. I think I will always be involved in social media (currently run a 20,000-member strong practical problem solving/deal-sharing group on Facebook), but I did not think I would blog again. Yet here I am- I wrote this post in like 15 minutes, and it's oddly cathartic- I have not even announced on Facebook that I moved, or changed work (I am super private on my own profile), but I just sat down here and it all came spilling out.   

Anyway, we are really looking forward to our new adventures, and connecting with the SMC community in Austin!I know atleast one of you are out there! 


  1. Welcome to Austin! We have a really strong SMC community here and monthly meet-ups, etc. Would love to meet you IRL after having enjoyed following your blog for years.

    Message me if you're not already connected to the community here, and I will happily hook you UP!

    Tara, fellow SMC and Austinite :)

    1. Hey Tara! I'm already a member of the SMC Austin group, and I believe I found you on there and IMed you on facebook! I also went for the the meetup this past weekend...this community is definitely active, and I'm so happy to be part of it!