Saturday, October 24, 2015

The winds of change..

When the universe wants to get you going, it sometimes lights a giant fire under your unsuspecting ass.

That is exactly what has happened to me: after months of waiting and anxiously biting my nails and badgering my poor lawyer, my immigration situation was finally, suddenly resolved. Gauri and I are now the proud bearers of passport stamps that would give us green cards as soon as we entered the US. I thought I would have 6 months for this re-entry, and was languidly planning a vacation in Spain in December before leaving for the US in January.

*Ahem,* said the universe. I open my passport, and find that I have until the end of November to re-enter (!!!!!). So in less than one month, my life is going to change drastically - in a largely welcome, but also frightening manner, since the unknown always scares the crap out of all of us. Then, reality meanders along, and you realize that every problem just fixes itself, and that your fears were largely unfounded. Or so I hope.

Gauri is doing wonderfully: we are halfway into the second year! A walking, climbing, running, jumping (or she tries) tornado. She LOVES to play games with people, is super social, and is generally easy going, unless you thwart her in some way. Then, her butt tightens, her back arches, and she releases the dogs of war. There are so many facets to this child: the sweet one, where all of us (and teddy bears, books, dogs, and computer screens too) get spontaneous kisses. The joyous one, where she wakes up with a huge smile on her face. The adventurous one, where she will literally try to climb anything (car windshields, high chairs) she sees, and mostly succeed too. The musical one, where she presses buttons on the cordless phone to get it to play classical ringtones so she can dance to them. The headstrong one, which comes from a naturally strong personality combined with the indulgence of everybody around her---this one makes me go ULP. I’m stern, but practically nobody else is.

But coming back to what is looming: SO much has to happen now. I have to move back with G (my parents are coming to help settle us in), find a job (searching all over the country, have one interview lined up already, many more need to happen), buy a car, buy everything from scratch (I have taken to haunting the Amazon US website, which I have missed like crazy---given my sale hunting and new-found obsession with finances and stretching and creating bucks out of thin air, have started up a Facebook group that anybody of a similar bent must check out).

This to-do list looks intimidating as heck, but I have to remind myself: one step at a time, and everything works out. Next post, possibly from the other side of the world!


  1. Wow, big change coming fast! Sending you lots of positive energy as you prepare for your transition! Glad your parents are coming to help you settle in. Gauri sounds like she is very smart and adventurous and has been growing and thriving. :-D

  2. I agree Wow - you have a lot to line up but if anyone is up for the job its you! I am selfishly hoping that you find something in CT. I hope that something your really excited about makes itself apparent in the next week or so!

  3. Good luck! Have been thinking of you, will get around to emailing one of these days...Rx

  4. Don't forget to put in an application at Scripps Florida! That way, Ellie and Gauri can not just be virtual friends, but Meat Space friends, too!