Thursday, May 15, 2014

One month old!

It is going to be a little difficult composing blogposts now, because instead of one or two centralized topics to talk about, I have many little things to say, and I'm still struggling to find a format to fit that.

First up, I'm going to continue to talk about science, but in a new blog, using my real name. YAY! it is time to step out of the closet, so to speak. So exciting! The past 4 years, this blog was anonymous only because this journey was secret. Now that it is out in the open, I'm fighting the temptation to share this blog with people I know IRL. The only reason I'm holding back is because many of the posts on this blog are about personal struggles I would not want everybody reading.

But a blog only about science...that I would be happy sharing. First up on the new blog will be a post on probiotics and the ones out there that are a bit more useful. Next, I'm planning a writeup summarizing all the newest research on autism (there are some new rather exciting discoveries). Both these posts will require extensive research, and I need to get off my procrastinating ass to do that.

But.....coming to the nitty gritty of parenting:
  • Gauri is an utter JOY to feed. In the breaks between sucking sessions, she looks so utterly pleased with life and makes lip-smacking noises and turns her head frantically to find that nipple. It makes you feel 10 feet tall.  I wish I had given my mom this very simple pleasure...I was a horrible, disinterested eater, to the point of it almost seeming like a neurological issue (in my defense, I was supposed to have been an excellent baby in all other ways though). But still, people still shudder when they describe their experiences in trying to feed me.
  • She, on the other hand, is running through like 26 ounces in like 15 hours, which makes me wonder if there is an upper safe limit, and whether she is the one that gets to decide it. Anyway, she produces a lot of wet diapers a day and is gaining a little over an ounce a day, so I'm thinking I should leave this alone...right?
  • Thumbs up for the goat milk formula: other than the fact that she loves the taste even when it has fish oil in it (our little highness does a taste test before graciously accepting it), the other great thing is convenience. I use an electric kettle to boil the water (best invention ever...why do formula websites still talk about boiling water on the stovetop?) and make up 28 oz at one go using a 16-oz pyrex measuring jar, which I split into multiple bottles (LOVE my Pura Kiki bottles; planning to write reviews about baby paraphernalia soon). I also love that I know exactly what is going in my baby's food, and can control it. Her constipation is less once we started the goat's milk; she also had really bad diaper rash in the first few days of life, and it is entirely gone now. I don't know what has fixed it (the diaper rash cream I use, the different brand of diapers, or the change in food). It is possible that the cow's milk contributed to the rash, and it was fixed by a change to goat's milk, but it is hard to say.She is a bit gassy once we started the goat'ls milk, and this could be because of the milk protein OR the lactose. Need to figure out what to do here. I can try changing the carbohydrate source.
  • I've been trying to cloth diaper, but this kid really hates the feel of wet cloth (even the thick microfiber inserts) against her, and wakes up from sleep. The problem is she seems to pee every 30 minutes, and changing her while she is sleeping wakes her up. Are there CD inserts where the top stays dry like a disposable diaper? Right now, I'm using the Naty brand of disposable diapers, and they ROCK. It would take a really good CD to be as comfortable (for her) and user-friendly for me as this one.  
  • Thank you Shannon, for your recommendation of The Piano Guys. She loves their songs (as do I!).
  • This kid will be giving me grey hair very soon: As soon as she came home from the hospital,she was already using her feet to push off against people's torso's and thighs, depending on how we were positioning her. All these acrobatics are a little scary considering the fact that she can't support her neck. She is already trying hard to turn over too. at this rate, she is likely to be mobile a little ahead of schedule. I live in a house with really hard marble stairs, and it will be a year before the bones in her skull fuse....YIKES. If anybody has babyproofing ideas for the stairs (other than the gates), please let me know. Just FYI, Carpet in India would  be a really awful idea in the monsoons, where it rains so hard that the waterproofed concrete house starts to leak.
  • Going to leave you all with a picture of the munchkin that has many many people wrapped around her little finger.


  1. Wow! It sounds like she is doing so extremely well. I am glad. I have no suggestions about babyproofing, but I am SO SO happy for you. :-)

  2. You have the most gorgeous baby. So glad everything seems to be going so well. I also look forward to reading your scientific posts too. Have you thought of trying to produce your own milk supply? - though I know Goat milk is also fabulous. I just met someone who did it for an adopted child and fed her for over a year.

  3. So very beautiful! What a wonderful turn of events to have such a great eater, too.. You still have many months before she starts crawling and the stairs become a real issue My experience was that if I allowed myself to worry to many months ahead, i could easily get completely overwhelmed unnecessarily..I bet you'll figure it out in time!

  4. It sounds like things have settled a little and you're not sick anymore. I'm so happy you can bond with your sweet little girl and I'm glad she is doing well. Those scientific posts sound really interesting, I hope you will link to them on here.
    I'm afraid I have no advice to offer but I'm happy you are finally getting to enjoy motherhood.

  5. she is so beautiful! enjoy enjoy enjoy! it goes way too quick.

  6. She is beautiful! She looks so awake and alert in that picture. I can't believe she's already a month old - where did the time go??

    Producing a lot of wet diapers and gaining a little over an ounce a day sounds perfect, so I would definitely keep doing what you're doing. It doesn't sound like there's any need to change things or cut back.

    I don't have any great ideas for the stairs. I hope you're able to find a solution for that.

  7. She is so cute and alert! Enjoy every minute, it goes by fast!

  8. Looks like your girl is a Barracuda, too! Ellie was pounding down the same amount of food based on her body weight and we were a little concerned about it, but I think a baby's appetite should always be your guide. So don't worry. If she's eating too much, she'll let you know by puking in your face.

  9. Oh she's precious.

    For diapering, is it possible to just use the disposable for sleeping & cloth the rest of the time?

    For baby proofing, I'm not sure what to do about the stairs but for the floors, here in NA you can get these foam pizzle piece type mats to creat a play area that's soft...I use the to protect my new hardwoods from Elena's toys. Here's a example

  10. Oh my god she is absolutely gorgeous!! So great that she's eating well too!

  11. She is absolutely beautiful...definitely looks older than her age - I thought that when you posted her first picture too. I'm looking forward to watching Gauri grow up :)

  12. She's so lovely. She has beautiful features. It all sounds blissful.

    Our approach to childproofing has been that it's impossible to completely childproof our house. We chose one room to make entirely Asa's (we sacrificed the dining room for this purpose and moved the table and chairs into our living room.) We gated the room, covered the sockets, and laid down some foam mats when he was a wriggling infant. As he grew, we made modifications, added some bigger play pieces, blocked a low window that he could potentially break (ok, ok, I lied. He broke a pane and then I blocked it. Oops.) The goal was to have a safe space that we could leave him in and feel completely confident he was safe. Any time he was out of this room, he was supervised. If a room's not feasible, I recommend a large play yard.

    I've only seen gates for stairs. I can't imagine how else you could make them safe. I've seen some pretty creative ways to get gates mounted at staircases, though, if attaching the hardware is the problem.

    Enjoy that precious girl. That picture is wonderful.