Sunday, December 1, 2013

Considering a move (updated)

I'm currently considering the WordPress plunge...I've exported most of the contents of this blog to a new blog there (the easy bit), and I'm still feeling it out and seeing how I like it.

If I do like the fit of it, I'll complete the move. This process has been initiated  for two reasons: a) that newspaper article and b) It is *so* much easier to comment on WordPress, especially from a mobile device. Question: Just how difficult do people find Disqus? Have you ever felt like commenting but have given up because of how painful the process is? I've had a few people mention this to me in passing, and I want to get an idea of whether this is a real issue

If I do move, people could get the new address from Mel's website, or you could email me for it. I should reiterate, I'm just trying this out. There is a lot to do while trying to move a behemoth of a blog from one site to another, and I may just throw my hands up and stay here if  I feel the easier commenting is not worth the hassle.

Update: I decided to first try the path of lesser resistance: Disqus has been deleted. The only reason I will miss it is because it allows you to directly respond to a particular comment, which the commenting options on Blogger do not seem to allow. Does its removal make commenting easier? Would people prefer WordPress to Blogger commenting? If you can, please let me know, because it will help me decide whether to stay here or move.


  1. Glad to know all's well with J. Yes, I hate Disqus :( most times it gets stuck while loading and its not at all ipad friendly. When you decide to move I hope you do pass the link to your regular readers.

  2. Glad you got rid of Disqus. I like Wordpress blogs because it's easy to subscribe & get them directly to my email. No relying on feeds. Commenting is easier than Disqus. Please be sure to email me if you do move.

    Thinking good thoughts for you & your babe

  3. I hate commenting on Disqus - and usually don't bother commenting if that's the system a blog uses.

    Almost halfway there! EEP!

  4. I've struggled with commenting with DIsqus before but have never used it to receive comments. There are drawbacks to Wordpress but it had definite advantages also. I have a blog on each. Sending good thoughts to you. If/ when you transfer, please send me the link because I just stay in my own little corner of the blogging world. :-)

  5. I can neither see the comments nor add my own with disqus (on my phone) so I feel left out of the conversation. Honestly, a post without comments is hardly a post at all!

  6. I like disqus and hadn't thought that it was hard for people to use... but perhaps that's why I don't get many comments on my blog but have followers?