Monday, April 30, 2012

She-Baby Shenanigans

There is a lovely theme going around, of throwing a virtual 'blog shower' for women getting close to deliver and Josey at My Cheap Version of Therapy is organizing one for the amazing and funny Oak who blogs act AcornChronicles

Dear Oak, I'm having a very, very bad case of writers block--I have to write a horribly complicated scientific review and most days I stagger home after a solid 8 hours of writing with my brain feeling like it is leaking out of my ears. At this point, the thought of  trying to string even one more sentence together makes me turn a bilious green. Really. But--this is for you so I'm girding my loins and going for it.

You have made me laugh so many times. Nobody can describe life as, errr, *creatively* as you do. Its a gift!

I love all the Mac stories. And don't even get me started on the pictures. His little sister is going to be no less hell-raiser and I so look forward to following her progress through life. I know this pregnancy has been rough so far, But I hope its one those your-wedding-day-was-a-catastrophe-so-your-marriage-is- going-to-be-amazing deals. So....Happy 36 weeks!!

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  1. "Creatively" - that's one way of putting it. :)  

    Sorry your brain is leaking out of your ears. You should maybe get that checked out! LOL