Monday, November 28, 2016

Reinvention of a blog

Blogging before and after a baby is different for me. Before, I desperately needed to share the struggle of infertility, and my journey was definitely high on its ups and downs and unexpected turns.

And though a part of me wants to blog regularly about parenting, and god knows, I could find things to say if I put my tired mind to it, it is not a direction I will go in. The thing I AM passionate about sharing is the small ways I find to make life with a child easier, mostly through practical troubleshooting and finding the right products/tweaks to make life as streamlined as possible. So that is the direction this blog will go in, with the rare post on just our lives.

Today, because it is on crazy sale for 68$ (usually retails at  a 100$+), I wanted to talk about the Instant Pot. There are entire internet forums dedicated to this kitchen gadget, and Facebook groups of over 100,000 members dedicated it discussing cooking with it, from general cooking to Indian cooking to vegan cooking.

There is a reason for this: this pot is simply the most time saving, versatile cooking gadget you could think of. Cooking gets simpler, faster, and almost no babying/standing by - you literally can toss ingredients into this, walk away, and come back to a fully cooked delicious meal anywhere between 10 mins to an hour later.

What makes this awesome?
  • A sautee mode, combined with the ability to sequentially program slow cooking (which crockpots have) AND pressure cooking, so you can select the perfect time cooking whatever ingredient, be it pork, beef, chicken, rice, or lentils.
  • Ability to make yogurt at home
  • A stainless steel inner pot, so you step away from non-stick: so one pot meals, and the pot is dishwasher safe
  • A HUGE, and I mean HUGE community to teach you how to use this: Given its versatility,people use it for making everything: from stews to soups to braised meats, to indian curries to hard boiled eggs to cheesecake, or even make your own vanilla extract at home.
I cannot tell you how easy it has made my own life. Check out the groups, and see if this is right for you!

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